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I’m Chris, a Southern California based UX/UI product and interaction designer.

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Specializing in UX design, with a penchant for design, user flows, IA and site structure, prototyping, and interaction for the web and mobile.

I’m currently the Manager of UX Design at CU Direct. Until recently I was at two start-ups: Crossover Health, and Payoff where we aimed to reinvent personal financing as a product designer. Prior to that, I worked as a UX designer for Motor Trend and Hotrod Magazine at TEN: The Enthusiast Network.

Previous companies include Kelley Blue Book, and various design houses.

My latest work

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Design thinking and ideation

Planning features and innovation through discovery and brainstorming. Before building solutions you must first define the problems of both the users and the business.

UX: wireframe, prototype & validate

Focusing on the overall structure and function of a site or application and how a product feels and works for the user. Test prototypes with users for invaluable insight. Rinse and repeat!

UI: visual & Interaction design

Building a creative and engaging UI across different form factors. Good user interface design supports usability with clear, consistent visual layouts.

About me

This is the online portfolio and archive of Chris Chung. I use this website as a way to document the design process of my projects and progress as a designer. More about me.

Thank you for reading. If you would like to discuss more, share feedback or ask any questions, please get in touch.

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